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Motivation for quitting smoking, smoking cessation and to help you quit and stop smoking
Free quit smoking books, articles, tips, guides, video counseling lessons to aid with nicotine dependency recovery, quitting smoking, smoking cessation and to help you quit and stop smoking
Free group peer messageboard support to help you quit smoking, stop using oral tobacco, navigate nicotine dependency recovery and to help you quit smoking and stop smoking
Why Quit Smoking?
We Died Young
·Bryan Lee Curtis - age 34
·Noni Glykos - age 33
·Quentin Delgado - age 23
·Famous victims - under 60
·Our family member died young
·Your story
Why We Died Young
·Nicotine Addiction 101Discover the root cause as to why half of adult smokers smoke themselves to death
·"Nicodemon's" Lies?
·Why I use tobacco
·Nicotine - the sine qua non of smoking
·Carcinogens, chemicals and additives
·Smoking, smoking and more smoking
·World cigarette pack warning pictures
Our Living Nightmare
·Deborah's stage IV battle - age 38
·Kim's missing lung - age 44
·Brandon's 2 missing legs - age 23
How Tobacco Destroys the Body
·Brain damage
·Circulatory disease
·Smoking's Impact on the Lungs
·Pregnancy and breastfeeding
·A Heart-Loving-Heart
·32-year-old smoker's arteries
·The secondhand smoke battle
More Truth About Tobacco
·Movies and clips
·The smoker's self mutilation
·Why are we dying so young?
·Is the risk of death exaggerated?
·If You Could Spend a Day with Me
·The smoker's body
·Cigarette butts and mother earth
Why Quit Smokeless Tobacco?
·Sean Marsee message - age 19
·Gruen's missing jaw - age 17
·Turkey's Triumphs
·The Smoker's Memorial
Joel's Library Explore Joel's Library the Internet's largest collection of original quit smoking materials.
Stop Smoking Library Categories
· Why do people smoke?
· The real cost
· How to quit smoking
· Relapse prevention
· What about weight gain?
Highlight Stop Smoking Articles & Videos
· My cigarette, my friend
·Why do smokers smoke? (video)
· Are you a nicotine junky?
· The smoker's vow
· Quit smoking tip sheet
·Quitting by gradual withdrawal
·Is cold turkey the only way to quit?
· Minimizing common side effects
Joel's free quit smoking materials
· Who is Joel?
·Never Take Another Puff - (Joel Spitzer's free PDF e-book)
·Joel's video stop smoking lessons
·Daily stop smoking video lesson guide
·Joel's Jukebox (audio lessons)
·Ask Joel - Joel's question & answer site
·Language translations of Joel's work
More Education
On Quitting
Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home 4th edition released in August 2013Freedom from Nicotine - John Polito's free quitting book: 4th edition 08/03/13
·Nicotine Cessation Tips - 8 pg pdf file
·WhyQuit's free quit smoking books
· How long does withdrawal last?
·NRT - do quitting aids work?   Chantix
·Stop smoking benefits timetable
·Your guide to "Glory Week"
· Take WhyQuit's quitting quiz
· Quit for Just One Hour at a Time
· Weight gain
· Crave and stress management
Relapse Prevention
·Tearing Down the Wall
· Caring for Your Quit
·Free relapse insurance
Youth Smoking Prevention
·Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Freedom - Our Yuku Support Group
A support classroom to stop smoking, quit oral tobacco and break free from NRT
Freedom is an open nicotine dependency recovery forum where 100% of the group's posts and materials are available to all, regardless of membership. A single-minded program, those applying for posting privileges must have quit all forms of nicotine delivery cold turkey within the past 30 days, without use of any products, pills, e-cigarettes or procedures, and remained 100% nicotine-free for at least 72 hours. A nicotine-free forum, any nicotine relapse - even one puff, dip or chew - permanently revokes posting privileges.
Is Freedom Right for You?
·Mission Statement
·Relapse Policy
·Courtesies & Rules
·How to Join
Critical Recovery Insights
·The Law of Addiction Learn the most critical stop smoking lesson of all
·The "one puff" files
·Tell a newbie how many seconds a day you still want a cigarette
·Index of highlight posts
Key Freedom Destinations
·Freedom's Home Page
·The first 72 hours
·Understanding nicotine dependency
·Navigating the 4 layers of recovery
·Relapse prevention
·Member messages & journals
·Free quit smoking meters
Turkeyville - Facebook Support Group
A cold turkey quit smoking Facebook support group where the focus is on helping new quitters get a solid start
· Group Rules & Mission
· Color Milestones
Other support groups & online forums
· Other stop smoking support groups
· Lung cancer & COPD support groups
Physician, dental & wellness resources
·WhyQuit's patient resources

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Become smarter than your addiction is strong

Allow knowledge to destroy anxiety generating fears!

Click here to learn more about Deborah's nightmare.

Imagine being 38 years and told your cancer is incurable.
Click the above image to follow Deborah's nightmare.

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Facebook's most popular quit smoking support group!

Helping cold turkey newbies navigate recovery's first few days!

Click here to learn more about Kim's nightmare.

Imagine being 44 years-young and fighting for your life.
Click the above image to follow Kim's nightmare.

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Imagine your very own quit smoking advisor.
You select the topic and you decide when!

We each roll the dice when we fail to quit smoking cigarettes and 1 in 4 of us are dying in middle-age. Imagine being a 33 year-old Camel smoker with a new baby, yet dead six months before its first birthday.

Imagine losing your 33 year-old mother to lung cancer, six months
before your first birthday. Click the above image to learn more.

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The Internet's only 100% nicotine-free support group

There must be at least one place on earth where nicotine has no voice!

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